Police Officers©

Each morning, noon and night while you are asleep or awake they hit the pavement to watch over you.

Most of them will keep you safe but on occasion more than a handful forget what they were meant to do. They forget about the trust laid upon them. They forget about the trust their fellow workers have in them to keep the faith of the residents. When the trust is gone it’s not easy to get back.

Most Police officers give there lives daily without being asked because its in their blood and almost all they know. The only thing they truly want in return is the respect from their public. Those they keep safe, those they risk everything for.

In every part of life there are those who go against what is right by doing the wrong thing. They deserve what’s coming to them for they have earned it by doing wrong. But those that do right by you deserve your trust, faith, support and loyalty, because they freely give it all to you each moment they spend away from their loved ones protecting you!

Can we, will we, won’t we forgive those that have done wrong, keep the faith in those who have done no wrong, keep supporting what we truly know is right and allow those deserving to do their jobs knowing that they are believed in, know that they are wanted, know that they are trusted by those they risk their lives for each morning noon and night while you are awake or sleeping.

Police Officers©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2023

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