I love you…©

Today and always I love you. You are my heart, you have my heart and therefore I am truly whole. Believe in me and I shall believe in you and together we are strong.

To and for my loving family and friends past and present. I hold you near and dear to my heart.

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 4/25/23

I love you…©

n602_w1150” by BioDivLibrary/ pdm 1.0


  1. Hello Felina! This was the first time that I have been to your site and read one of your poems. I loved it! You are so very talented! I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing your talent, thoughts , feelings, and experiences through poetry <3.


    1. Misti, I’m grateful to you for stopping by. I hope you do in fact continue to do so. Writing is as much a part of my heart as my family, friends and colleagues are. They are what inspires me.


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