Your smile, your laugh, your dance, will follow me till the end of time. I walk the streets and I see you, on your bike waving to all passerby’s, walking in the muddy River talking to the birds, strangers and feeding the ducks, at the kitchen table baking for anyone who’s asked you, up early in the morning tossing newspapers on my old paper route. What I wouldn’t give to see you walk through my door, happy and healthy, ready to dance like you use to KC and the sunshine band, or the Beatles. I’d truly love and appreciate one of your long lasting hugs.

Momma, I love you and I thank you for this life of mine. The gifts you have given me are immeasurable. The ability to parent six beautiful children, to be a sibling, a daughter and a wife. I now turn to continue to advocate for others. There are those with needs, but no voices to tell their story. You’ve given me the strength to be their voice.

RIP beautiful mother of mine.

Momma© – Dedicated to my loving mother Faye Silver Mucha who passed on Friday, January 6, 2022.

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2022

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