We love you big Papi!©

Your popularity has overcome the town. Your fans wait with baited breath hoping for just a glimpse of you. You’ve become the son for all Mother’s. The brother that all siblings hope for. You’ve brought the city money they would never have seen without you. On vacation you fall victim to the ill wats if those forgotten by their loved ones. They have murder on their minds. Your innocence is obvious, but you are now a victim of the violence meant for another. Fighting for your life with family by your side, praying for the moment you are released from the bed that’s held you captive. The city waits for the day their son again rises to reclaim his fame and put to shame his attackers. May the powers that be see to the punishment of all those responsible for your assault. We love you big Papi!

We love you big Papi!©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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