It’s A Heatwave©

Can’t sleep, tossing and turning. Dripping with sweat. The humidity is almost suffocating. All of our technology makes it through the day. Our kids are free from asthma attacks and I survive cooking dinner on the stove. Day one down. Day two, snap to it. Water the plants before they die. Run to the store before everyone gets everything you wanted or needed. Visit all your family and friends to make sure they’re not falling ill due to the heat. Viewing shirtless bikers struggling to reach their destination. Walkers wishing they were in a car. If only we could get from point A to point B with a blink of an eye. Dinner will clearly be something cold. Not looking forward to the low of 82 degrees overnight, because if 82 is low I’m a billionaire! But, here’s to looking forward to day three of the heat wave, with slight sarcasm in tow. How much worse could it get?

It’s A Heatwave©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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