The Meeting Place©

He meets her in a place where he doesn’t see her

There are only the words on the screen

as he glares at his monitor waiting for her next line

He wonders what she’s thinking

What she’s wearing

What she looks like

She says hello, sorry to keep you waiting

How have you been?

Almost afraid to answer

He replies, fine now that you’re here

You have become my release

My escape from the pain

The pain of knowing today

But not knowing tomorrow

With you I’m free to think

To feel

To just be

For when we’re apart,

I’m constrained to this place that I’ve been forced to be

I’ve lost the ability

The desire and the will

Except for when I’m here with you

Thank you for being here in my 15” world

The Meeting Place©

Copyright 2016, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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