Hope & Glory©

Sitting along the wall of hope thinking of all those lost

Lost to a war without reason,

A crime with no meaning,

Or an unexplained event

Tombstones with different textures, shapes and meanings

All summarizing a life

A life of a loved one

Someone we knew or wished we had known

Do we really know where one goes when they leave us behind?

The next in life is said to be a rebirthing

A chance to start anew with no true recollection of life gone by

We think to ourselves, is this a place we’d like to visit?

Could we get along better the second time around?

Well someone has had faith in us

For this is how and why we’ve been able to give birth again and again

Each new cycle that begins brings a new found hope

 For the fate of the place we call home

Where we start as a baby and end up old, if we’re lucky

In our hearts we try to do what we feel to be right

The sadness is that everyone doesn’t work with the same definition

No matter the number of cycles the wall of hope still remains

 And for that long we shall remain

Hope & Glory©

Copyright 1998, 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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