Two Peas in a Pod – Graduation Day©

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It’s amazes to recall that when I first saw you

It was in a small dark room

with cold gel on my belly

and a sensor roaming around in circles upon the gel

The screen showing both of you in your separate sacks

just the size of a pea

It’s so hard to believe, that you can

blossom like a beautiful flower

changing both shapes and sizes

what outstanding young women

you have both become

Both full of many things

with a will to survive

with steady drive

with mounting determination

with vast amounts of experience

with unending hope

and undying love

And I have





and Joy

But most of all

I have the two of you

From the beginning to the end

I’ll always do anything

For my two peas that lived in my pod

For the two that I brought into this world

For your lives that I’ve guided

For your whole lives long

This poem is dedicated to my twin daughters who graduated from 8th grade

on the afternoon of 06.19.14.

I’m proud of your honor roll achievements,

for your community service efforts,

for your dedication to your education,

for the  respect you showed to your teachers and your peers

but most of all,

I’m proud of you for still being you through everything

I love you Ariana and Jasmine

Two Peas in a Pod – Graduation Day©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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