Pain Can Consume Us©


It can often be hard to understand how bad things happen to good people. Just remember that if you see something wrong don’t just talk about it. Do something about it if you know something about it. If you don’t your heart will never heal and it will never leave your conscious. If you ever know information and are withholding it, out of fear or guilt, know and understand that not sharing it will eat you alive. Sometimes we make our own pain because we can’t convince ourselves what the right thing to do is.  Usually, if it hurts, it’s right. It has always been said, “no pain, no gain”. Sometimes motivating oneself or another person means that we have to look within ourselves, or have others look within themselves, to realize how it would feel to be in the position of those that have been hurt. Think about whether we could live on knowing that we did nothing to change the outcome. Pain comes in many forms and sometimes we inflict it on ourselves by the choices we make. Stand strong and always make choices you can live with choices that you can be proud of.

Pain Can Consume Us©

Copyright 2013-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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