The Last to Rise Up – Graduation Day©


A mother brings life into the world

She feeds, clothes, teaches and disciplines her brood

Hoping one day she will see them move gracefully into

The big world that waits eagerly for their adventurous intentions

A mother’s pride is vastly overwhelming as she watches her youngest

Walk the podium to accept her diploma

Tears flow freely down both cheeks

A nervous laughter tickles the walls of her throat as she attempts to yell out

Way to go

As the graduates toss their caps into the air

The mother realizes that her baby is no longer her little girl

The bounce in her step is full of determination to conquer anything and

everything that lies ahead

This is what a mother strives for

Her job is done

She can stand back and watch her children blossom

Be there when she’s needed and be

Strength and support, her brood is looking for

The Last to Rise Up – Graduation Day©

Copyright 2016-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to my youngest daughter Lea graduated from 8th grade on Thursday June 16, 2016. I watched her with such amazement during the last months of the school year.  She tackled every task despite the numerous obstacles put in her way. She left with her head held high and a love for all those who helped her get to where she needed to go. If only I had her hootspa when I was her age who knows how different things may have been. I’m proud to call her my daughter.

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