A Day In The Park©

On a Thursday after school, in the park behind our house with the kids. The sun shining brightly against our skin. The heat keeping us warm. Laughter in the air. Birds singing happily. Suddenly, you appear in your silver pickup truck in front of the park, you honk your horn, then I look up and there you were. You waved me over so I told the kids to play and watch over one another. You glanced at me, I glanced at you both starry-eyed with frogs in our throats with so much to say, but nothing was coming. We each waited for this day. Now we could freely be together. You came into the park. We spent hours together, kids in tow. I invited you to dinner. You went home and came back with Roses. Together we all enjoyed dinner. I put the kids to bed. We sat and talked for what felt like forever. As the hours quickly slipped away, at one in the morning you were finally on your way. Every day moving forward, there wasn’t much that stood in our way never handling our separations well. Our cellphones were always close at hand. Work was the only thing that made you turn away. Separation left us both eagerly waiting until we’d meet again. Now, each time I pass the park, I can still see us there chatting so happily, with so much left to say. Still now, so glad to have you by my side on each and every day. Now as my husband in each and every way. All thanks to a day in the park on a warm and sunny day.

A Day In The Park©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to my loving husband JR. I love you with all of my heart. In the words of Andrew Gold: Thank you for being a friend

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