My Final Say©

I stand high on the tallest mountain, with my arms flying high. People gathered from all around. I’ve waited so long to stand proud and have my final say. They plan to take from me. My friends and my neighbors, the land mother nature has nurtured since the beginning of time. They intend to build, build and build, until the land is empty no more. It matters none that the animals have lost their way. They come into our homes. They live in our backyards and our attics. Because man has taken the only home they’ve ever known. When they are caught they are euthanized for trespassing on land that use to be their own. We must take a stand for us the people and for them, the animals. The air is slowly leaving, soon we won’t even be breathing. The hunger that will come as all starts to die off. All so the man could continue with his building. To fill each square foot with machines that devour all of our resources. When the lights turn off and we sit in the dark with no food and no place to lay our bed. Then and only then will man see the problem he created and what will he do then? Stand here on this mountain. Stand tall and speak with me and tell the story of what you see. Hopefully, it’s not too late to be heard and to see what man can do to fix the mess he’s made.

My Final Say©

Copyright 2014-2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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