Manic Monday©

I wake up do the darkened morn
Energy already gone
Lots to do and so little time
But I know that once this day is done
The rest of the week will be a breeze

The sun finally shows it’s face
No train, or bus to catch
I go to the front yard to retrieve the days paper
I see the leaves come to life with color
So now I can do what I must to make this day a success

With energy restored and shower taken
There is spring in my step
As I make my way out into
World today, I think about all that a Monday brings
Everyone tired from their weekend triumphs
They stop for their coffee to begin their day so
I’ll stop for my tea then I will be set for the day to begin
The Monday morning blues will be gone

My day is stress free because
Everyone is too tired to make things hard
I’m happy to say that
My Manic Monday will be no more

Manic Monday©

©Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

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