My Own Manic Monday©

I frantically wipe the sweat from my forehead and detangle myself from the array of blankets that warmed me from last nights chill. Distracted by the sound of raindrops upon my window sill, I gaze upon a Robin pecking the scattered grass layer upon the soiled earth in my backyard. A squirrel swiftly but proudly runs along the wood fence with a slice of bread certainly won during a tug of war with a likeminded brother.

I turn my attention to the tasks before me. A household to wake and send out the door. A granddaughter in tow to head off any attempt for me to ditch her. With her now placated I sit down to greet you. You’re my “Manic Monday” companion, music that keeps me going through each moment of the day. Thank you for being a friend, on my very own Manic Monday©.

My Very Own Manic Monday©

©Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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