What the Heck is Going On?

I’m tired of waking up and going to bed hearing stories about tragedy and death. Why are mothers killing their children? Why are young teenage drivers crashing their cars into utility polls. Some of our Politicians like to play dirty, so you don’t know who to trust. Speaking of trust, what about the teachers who can’t keep their hands off of their students? How many innocent people have died while someone who shouldn’t have had a gone went on a shooting spree. Then we have Mother Nature who likes to periodically remind us whose boss by bringing down her wrath in unexpected places at inconvenient times in the most horrific way. Thank goodness people still come together in a time of need. Now we need that magic to stop all of the violence. Then we’ll be ok. The best news I’ve heard today is that the Red Sox beat the Yankees and now have a record of 9 wins with 1 loss and that loss was the first game of the season. The day got even better when I heard that David Ortiz would be an almost permanent fixture within the Red Sox organization. Ortiz won’t be a player but he will be mentoring the team, making public appearances, etc. Even better news, we will have consecutive days and that is truly a beautiful thing!

What the Heck is Going On©

Copyright 2018

By Felina Silver Robinson

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