Dear Diary (June 19, 1983) – My Oh So Ordinary Life© a daily posting by Felina Silver Robinson

I woke to my fatherless Father’s Day. The biggest thing I had going for me was the 77 degree temperature and the fact that the sun was shining with 0% precipitation and a slight breeze. All my friends are lucky to have somewhere to be and someone to care for. Me on the other hand have me, myself and I. So I decided to fill my time making a list of the movies I had seen as of late with my friend Solita. So here we go: 1. Breathless, 2. Flashdance, 3. Baby It’s You, 4. Max Dugan Returns (I actually took my little sister to see that one without Solita. 5. Gates of Hell, 6. Dr. Detroit, 7. Trading Places, 8. Screwballs, 9. Spring Fever, 10. The Outsiders, 11. Warriors, 12. One Dark Night. 13. Superman III, Octopusy, 14. The Hunger, 15. The Last Unicorn (with my little sister), 16. E.T., 17. War Games, 18. The Man with Two Brains, 19. Poltergeist, 20. Friday the 13th 3D, 21. Twilight Zone, and last but not least, 22. Porky’s.

Just as I finished listing out my movies, the phone rang and it was Solita. Her aunt Martina invited us to sleep over her house. She doesn’t like to celebrate holidays alone since her husband passed. It felt nice to have some place to go. Martina is an amazing cook.  She prepared a feast of delicious spanish food. There was enough for an army. Martina was a widow with three young children, two girls ages 6 and 7 and a boy age 5. We enjoyed lots of good food, music, and dancing. Martina was invited out with a guy she had met so, we kept watch over her sleeping children who thankfully sleep through the night. We decided to go to bed at 1am, but were woken up by a continuous soft knocking that started at 1:30 am. Of course every time we answered the door, there was no one there. forty-five minutes later it was still happening. Although we were scared, we just decided to ignore it and go to bed. My fatherless Father’s Day wasn’t so bad after all.

Goodnight Diary.

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