Dear Diary (June 18, 1983) – My Oh So Ordinary Life© a daily posting by Felina Silver Robinson

Today, I went downtown with my bestie to purchase the purple unicorn pen that I’m now writing with in my purple flowered diary. I can’t believe that at age 20 I have such a fascination with unicorns. I even went so far as to buy unicorn shoe laces for the rollerskates I purchased yesterday. My friend Sorita and I buy identical things all the time (sorry “Anita”, ha, ha, ha). We decided more purple was in order so this time it was purple scarves, and unicorn scarves with rainbows. I know it sounds sort of juvenile but I guess neither of us are quite ready to grow up.

It was now late afternoon and time for some fun. We headed to “Spinoffs” on Lansdowne Street. Carla, Sorita and I always liked to be one of the first in line and so we were. Our friend Dina met us there. She’s great, but  she’s the girl in the crowd that everyone can always hear even when they don’t want to. But they don’t care because she’s beautiful and big chested. Guys are never really listening when she talks, they’re always looking at her curves and her big blue eyes that she bats when she wants attention. It doesn’t bother us, because believe it or not, we really do enjoy roller skating. It’s Saturday night and the contests are why we go.

The music was loud and the usual crowd was there. Rafael who thinks he’s god’s gift to women and thinks he’s the best skater there was zooming around the floor knocking down all the shakey skaters without even bumping into them. Thank goodness he ended up being disqualified from the nights events for poor sportsmanship. While none of us came out winners that night, we all had a great time. It was closing time so Carla and Dina left in one direction and Sorita and I headed home in another direction.

Forty-Five minutes later we were eating a cheese pizza we had picked up on the way home and before you know it, all I could hear was Sorita snoring as loud as possible. I turned on my Sony Walkman, put on my headphones and read until I hopefully fall asleep.

Goodnight Diary.


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