Dear Diary (June 20, 1983) – My Oh So Ordinary Life© a daily posting by Felina Silver Robinson

Good Morning Monday! It was nice waking up to a quiet hose. Sorita was already gone as she had to go into work early so she could meet up with me later. I was lucky enough to take the day off as I promised Sorita I would go to her moms house in Roslindale before she would get there. I had no idea I was headed to the projects and on my own no less. I hate going to place I’ve never been on public transportation alone. The bus was crowded and everyone was swearing. Thank goodness for my Sony Walkman, too bad it doesn’t block everything out. I made it to Josefina’s house and all three of her sons were sitting on the stairs. In fact it appeared that everyone was out in the common space courtyard. Apparently, there had been a drug bust and a couple of the suspects were on the run. The police were doing a door to door search of all of the apartments.  They felt tenants would be safer outside of the apartments. Things suddenly got nasty when we saw one of the suspects running through the courtyard waving a gun.  We all had to duck. I was scared out of my mind. The one good thing that came out of all this was that I met a guy while we were all standing in the common space area. His name is Valdar. I’ve never heard that one before.  He’s a little older than me and a little shorter than me, but that’s OK. His looks make up for everything. His accent makes him even dreamier.

Sorita finally arrived and we cleaned her mother’s apartment together and made her a big Puerto Rican feast to welcome her home. We set the dinner table with no time to spare.  Josefina walked in with a big smile on her face. She looked grateful for all we had done. She had hugs for everyone and T-shirts from Puerto Rico. We enjoyed the dinner, but had to leave once dinner was done since me and Sorita had to work in the morning.

Thankfully, the bus ride home wasn’t so bad.

Time to hit the hay. I showered and headed straight to bed.

Good Night Diary.

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