Love Has Been a Long Time Coming

Love Has Been a Long Time Coming

It wasn’t easy to see

I wasn’t sure it was meant to be

Until the day my heart felt as if it would break

When I thought for a moment that I would never see you again

I found myself thinking back to the day we first met

In the meadow behind my father’s barn

With only the clucking of the chickens signing their tunes

The sun sitting just over the mountain lighting up the sky

It was a sign in my heart telling me we had to start

Our dream of growing old with

Two kids and dog in

A big house on the hill with a picket fence

In the suburbs

Where we can set down our roots

And everyone will know our name

We are part of a story that’s bigger than us

Now it’s our turn to follow our hearts

And some day turn back time so that we don’t let go of this picture perfect memory

That was from a love that was a long time coming

Love Has Been a Long Time Coming©

Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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