Native and Free©

When I was young I used to dream I was flying high above the corn maze deep in the canyon valley side by side with the eagle. I would land high upon the mountain top with the hot sun on my face. My throat ached for water. I danced and chanted a song asking for a peaceful but bountiful rain. The skies generously opened and poured down upon me. I danced in the beauty of its pureness. Rejuvenated, I ran down the canyon into a world that existed that I wasn’t sure belonged to me. But I yearned to be a part of it. I watched in the distance amongst the onlookers as my people danced proudly for all to see. Everyone screeched out with glee proud to be present as the celebration of freedom was enjoyed. All proud to be Native and free.

Native and Free©

Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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