In the Sea of my Imagination©

In the sea of my imagination I find love lingering in my heart for a man known only by me. He won’t dare appear amongst those who may judge him. His own arrogance may turn them away. He knows his mind is far smarter than the average man. He knows his wealth is more than the man who thinks he owns the grandest house. His house is so majestic that you can’t bare to turn away from it. When he approaches I smell his scent coating the night air. My heart races with anticipation for the words waiting to fall from his lips. He is polite, courteous and stern in a an alluring kind of way. How can I set him free? Dare I set him free? I fear if I open my eyes he will be lost to me forever in the sea of my imagination.

In the Sea of my Imagination©

Copyright 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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