Fear Not©

Fear Not

Fear me not, for I am your friend

I’ll hold your hand through thick and thin

When you take that test its my voice of encouragement that’s cheering you on

Fear not the closet

There’s no ghost or goblins

not even under your bed

It’s just your dear old friend

taking a shortcut just to see you again

Fear not the storm

It’s just stomping out the cobwebs

stuck in its head

Fear not your shadow

it’s not the grim reaper

it’s an angel instead

Fear not you’re not losing again

for I’m on your side and

you’re sure to win this time around

Fear not the bottle

for the temptation is tempting

but the reward is greater and its free

Fear not the devil for he’s pure evil

As long as you resist him

you are sure to win

Sooner or later he’ll lose interest

and then you’ll be in like Flynn

Fear not my friend

Don’t be consumed by what you Fear

Relax your mind

and find faith in the good

when you do

Evil always loses

Fear not©

©Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

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