Everything I ever wanted©

When I was younger I dreamed of having

a loving family

Who missed me every moment I was away

I too would long for them each moment we were apart

Now I find myself walking down the street with

a smile on my face

and stride in my step headed for the office

With each step I took their was a level of confidence in the air

There was a time when I lacked self-confidence

and walked with my head hanging low

Today, I wasn’t sure of what the day might bring

confidence can only carry us so far

I wasn’t about to let anything get in the way of my agenda

Men looked, they grinned and did almost anything

to get my attention

Hoping I would stop and

lend an ear

I tell them I would like to stop but my work awaits me

With a busy day ahead I must keep everything in sync

Lucky me the elevator is free

to take me up to 3

I’m met with flowers for my desk

A full schedule ahead so I must begin

So each client leaves happier than when they came in

Now, I’m done for the day

I can head home,

Put my feet up,

and share my smiles with my children

and the man who gives me almost anything

I couldn’t ask for anything more

I’m so lucky to have everything I ever wanted

Everything I ever wanted©

©Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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