This Old House©

On a firm foundation sits the house I grew up in.

It’s bright white siding makes it stand out

with brownish gold paint on the trimming all around

It’s walls are pearly white with almond colored wood work

The sun glistens through every three-foot window

The front yard is full of lilacs, morning glories and bountiful roses

The back yard dawns healthy fruit trees

Apples, oranges, peaches and plums

Their sweet smell tickles my nose

A tree swing hangs from the tall weeping willow

The frog pond brings a calmness to its visitors

I open the stained glass door

and walk up the winding staircase

I sit at the bay window at the end of the hall

My loyal cat Chloe jumps into my lap

She pers as we both spy the beautiful sunset

The slow summer breeze sends the mixed scent

of fruits and flowers all through the house

There is such a warm fuzzy feeling all about this old house

The house that still brings me great comfort both inside and out

 This Old House©

©Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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