How Much I Feel©

It dawns on me

That maybe I wasn’t sure I knew about feelings

Where they really come from

How they work

And whether we all really have them

I know that when someone says something I don’t like

It hurts

I know that when someone starts harassing me

I stop listening and walk away

But once I stop I ask myself

Why did I let him get away with hurting me?

I realize I’ve done nothing to call for the behavior

But somehow

I don’t really feel like doing anything about it

I’m passive at the moment

And feel powerless to change it

I know that when someone tells me that they love me

It brightens up my day

In fact I know it makes my heart beat at little faster

But in a good way

It gives me the power to go about my day

I know that when I feel love

I know love

And if I know love

I can share love

I know that love is the one thing

We all deserve to know and to feel

I know my heart is ready and willing

This is truly How Much I Feel©

Here’s to hoping that my heart will find what it’s looking for

How Much I Feel©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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