My Slow Mo Monday©

I wake up before the sun begins to rise and birds begin to chirp

Something doesn’t feel right

I know it’s Monday

But it feels like a Sunday

I’m not ready

For the rushing

The hustling


The shushing

No one wants to listen

Everyone still half asleep

It makes me feel like I made a mistake

Can I be wrong

And it’s really a Sunday and not a Monday?

I don’t think, so

I know it’s wishful thinking on my part

On a Sunday

It’s a laid back

Do whatever you want to do as a family day

On a Monday

You head back to the work day


The summer school and camp day


The, “I have a million” chores to do day

Why couldn’t I have just stayed in bed

Kept my eyes closed

And stayed in a dream world


Each minute slowly passes

The clock ticks, ticks and ticks

And I find myself in moving in slow motion

The clock just doesn’t seem to be changing

And I’m still stuck here on this never-ending Monday

So much has been done

Since the day begun

I just don’t want to do more

I’ve run out of energy

I just don’t want to push on

But then I remember tomorrow is Tuesday


Tuesday’s move fast


Are always full of laughs

So come on My Slow Mo Monday

I can take you any day

In any way

Fast or slow and on the go

Check out this video from theThe Slow Mo Guys

My Slow Mo Monday©2

My Slow Mo Monday©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


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