Another Place In Time©

I sometimes wish there were two of me
So I could keep my family safe
As I travel off on an adventure made just for me
I’d love to travel the world while still never leaving home
If only there were two of me
I could come and go as I please
And no one would ever miss me
Because I would always remain by their side
If there were two of me
I could set sail on the big wide ocean
I wish could venture in a moment’s time
So I’d never have to miss an opportunity to capture a memory
So I can bring it back and share it with all my loved ones
It would be grand to live two lives
Because you’d have
Twice as many memories
Twice the amount of love to give
Twice the time to make up for any mistakes made along the way
Sometimes I wish I lived in another place and time
In a place where all you had to do was make a wish
Where all you have to do is wish and all your dreams come true

Another Place In Time©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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