The Hours©

I wake knowing I have 24 hours to get everything done

I don’t have time to think about it

I just have to do it

So  I shower and scour

I dress and clean up my mess

I devour whatever lays upon my plate

I pack all their lunches giving hugs and kisses

Sending them out the door with a bunch of well wishes

I take a moment

A deep breath

Before I begin all over again

I spend hours on the phone

Coordinating the day

And piles and piles of papers

Knowing all I should say

Wishing I didn’t have to stay

Here and work the day

I do my mess cleaning up someone elses mess

Finding answers to all their questions

Without hesitation

There’s no mistake here

I’ve done my work

I’ve tick away the hours

Making certain

To leave just enough hours

For Some Fun.

So Won’t You

Help me get it all done

So I have a chance to lay in the sun

And not stay here waiting hour after hour

As I find the time just tick, tick, ticking away

The Hours©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


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