The Shell Around My Soul©

In the morning when I wake and find you gone

There is an empty shell around my soul

Something tugs at the place I know my heart should be

It suddenly feels absent from me

I feel powerless to control the badness that now overwhelms me

I have the urge to act without feeling or remorse

To choose evil over good

Who or what has come over me

Step back and turn away

You mustn’t fall victim to my behaving this way

Don’t trust me now

I’ve gone to deep within his soulless hold

The view here is all bright read

There is no sun

Just a feeling of dread

The screams of innocence rings through my ears

But I stand paralyzed at just what to do

My feet are burning and I feel like I’m sinking further into to his evil grasp

I then pray for the lord our saviour

To take hold of my heart and return me home

Me feet turn cold

As I whisk through the wind

I feel the warmth of the sun’s glow upon my face

I find myself laid upon the grass of my back lawn

Dressed in white now with a smile upon my face

By the grace of god I’m home safe once more

No longer holding a shell around my soul

 The Shell Around My Soul©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

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