Here I Stand©

Here I stand on the ground created by him for all mankind. Here I breathe the air that feeds all things natural. Here and now I dance in the rain to the music of my descendants feeding the earth so it will return the favor turning our crops into food to fill our bellies.

Take my hand, sing with me, make the rain tumble freely. Change the world, watch it grow. Save us from our very selves. In time you’ll see that change is what is best. Come with me all creatures great and small. Surviving is what I know best.

Here I Stand©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 11/25/22

Sing with me:

This is a Cherokee Welcome Song.

“‘Hey Jah hey waya Ya wey’ is a universal native vocable, it beseeches and cries for the Creator, Tunkashila, Yahweh, to hear our welcome song and bless our visitors, our relatives… to hear us.” –Barry Winfred Bailey

Waya hey hey hey jah
Waya hey jah 
Waya hey hey hey jah
Waya hey!


  1. Thank you Felina for providing some balance to this time. I wish there were a recording of you reading this – or better yet live in person. For now, I will read it to myself – aloud.

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