Now That I Know Who I Am©

There should never have been a moment where I felt shame for who I was, or where I came from. Society plays a cruel game on the souls of its citizens. Reeking havoc on the hearts of those most vulnerable.

Today I can celebrate a part of who I am it feels good to be proud. To stand up for something to be something more than I once was. To say something. To sing something. To dance freely without shame.

I tremble at the idea of what my words might be, but still, they fall freely from my lips without hesitation. Once, I wasn’t sure where I came from. Who I was, or what I stood for, but as I said the words and they poured freely from my lips I felt as though I was being delivered to the world for the first time. I still was not sure who or what I was, I only knew I had a job to do.

I deliver myself as an advocate in as many ways as I can. I will write and tell my story until there is nothing left to tell, hoping to lift the hearts of others while being an inspiration. The world needs to be a place of hope for all.

Now That I Know Who I Am©

By Felina Silver Robinson 06/20/22

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