22 Years Young Are They©

Time is number that we count down daily thinking nothing of it. My daughter asked me yesterday if I was sad that she was getting older, and I answered honestly that I wasn’t. How can you be mad or sad that another person gets to grow? Yes, in contrast we are sad at the idea to lose an idea of time in the past that we will never get back. We must all move on and make a new beginning that we can all be a part of. That’s what I want for my girls. A healthy start for 22 years young to becoming, 22 years older down the road. What do they, we have to look forward to? Life is a sweet gift which we must indeed make the most of at all cost. Doing all that we can to save the environment around us. This is the best gift to our young.

Aside from giving them power and voice! They are our future. Let them feel their strength. But first, they must learn all they need to know. Although, some appear to be quite masterful already. Stay true to oneself. Stay directed at all times. Make sue violence never enters your heart or path and all should be as they say “right as rain”.

22 Years Young Are They©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright March 2022

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