A Day In The Life of Me: My COVID-19 & ME, May 31, 2020©

Now, every day we wake up not knowing what will be at days end yesterday clouds crept about, bud sped away and sun found its way in and won the day. I chose a casual day, still thinking of my sister-in-law who lost her husband to COVID-19 on May 12, 2020. I found comfort in a visit from my niece, her husband and her daughter. Don’t worry social distancing was well observed. Once they departed for their journey’s back to Worcester and Vermont, I found comfort in my gardening as it has become one of my go to’s, it actually has always been. Just so you know and you’ll come to find, baking is another. I planted two cactus plants in my backyard and watered everything else that I already have laid out. I could hear my neighbor purchasing a new dog in her own backyard. Amazing! The dogs bark sounded somewhat authoritatively playful if you can imagine that, while cute and not as annoying as I was expecting. Welcome to the neighborhood new canine. We are definitely a neighborhood of canine and feline’s. I’m curious as to the number of other pets my neighbors have. Our household has 5 fish tanks housing 7 different fish, belonging to 6 different owners.

Back on topic. The rest of the day I spent exercising after witch I watched multiple episodes of “The Glades” with my husband and two of our 5 daughters. We ordered dinner out from Bottega’s and the Brookline Spa. Then watched the Season Finale of “911” which was on DVR. I chose to exercise some more and listen to music for the rest of the night. Everyone else went to their prospective spots in the house. I kept getting news flashes about all the unrest that was occurring on the streets of Boston and the like, related to the protesting for the unjust killing/murder of George Floyd. I fear for my son’s safety as a police officer on the streets of Brookline. He’s one of the good guys. The acts of one horrible man and his three accomplices, shouldn’t shape the way for the rest of police enforcement everywhere.

While I know I nor most of us won’t be sleeping, I will attempt to lay my head down to rest for the night. There’s too much trauma in our lives to find comfort for too long, but we must try to take it when and where we can find it.

That’s it for now.


A Day In The Life of Me: My COVID-19 & ME, May 31, 2020©

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