Letter to My Children: Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Best Friends

Being by your side when you need me the most is what I want to do. Holding your hand when fear creeps up on you. When your nerves are giving you the shakes, I’ll message your temples. I’ll wipe away your tears when you think you can’t make it through the day. We can do face masks to rejuvenate our skin. Watch romantic comedies imagining which character would fall for us and carry us off to happily ever after.

We can joke about your guys night out. The girls that just didn’t make the cut. The haircut that was just too much or not enough, the shooting range outing that was over the top.

All I ever wanted was to see you the happiest you could allow yourself to be. We all deserve that much. Open your heart to keep love where it needs to be. No matter what, I’ll always be there for you in what ever way the world allows.

Always be willing to try things that the world puts out there. You never know just how next we might meet each other again. Regret is not a suit anyone wears well. Never be the one wanting to put that suit on. Know that my love and support will always be there.

Letter to My Children: Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Best Friends©

Copyright© April 20, 2020

By Felina Silver Robinson

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