Black Before My Time©

Photo from AfroPunk

In the days before my birth, black was skin that wasn’t white. This included Native Americans and any other race that could not state their level of purity.

Being black before my time meant that on top of everything and anything else you endured and dealt with:

Being sold into or being born into slavery.

You endured false imprisonment.

You suffered through Segregation by:

Sitting at the back of the bus.

Having your own separate spot on the beach, and your own bathing water, and drinking water.

Being paid lower working wages.

Having your voices stifled.

Having your homes burned.

Being lynched because of the color of your skin.

All of this destroyed souls, broke hearts, separated families and killed many innocent. But many pushed through the horrors to tell their stories giving those like them the chance that never came freely to others.

Pride and freedom are things many of us take for granted. We often realize their worth and importance when its too late to make a change for the better. Understand and appreciate who and what you are while you can take pride in it all.

Black Before My Time©

Copyright© 2020

By Felina Silver Robinson

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