In Formation Overhead (Saturday, July 26, 1975)© – A Day In the Life of Me

Saturday, July 26, 1975

At age 12 I remember despite having chicken pox still being carted off like precious cargo to a wedding on the beach in Cape Cod with my family. Me along with my younger Irish twin sister and Irish Twin older brother whom of which were also inflicted with the heinous pox markings, were upon arrival hidden away in a dark green army tent. The song “Love will keep us together, by The Captain and Tennille” blaring in the background. Laughter could be heard all around us as the sun beat harshly upon the canvas tent.

Anger crawled through every part of me. It was so hard to fight the urge to scratch each lump that pushed its way through my skin. The trio of us looked like a group of dogs with flees as we rolled around in the sand. Our mother briefly stopped by to check on us. Yelling once she saw our sand covered bodies. We were instructed to go wash off in the water and return to the tent and remain calm for the remainder of our stay. We were told not to “roll in the sand again, if we knew what was good for us”.

Overhead the roaring of three jets flying in formation throw me, my sister and brother into a panic as we hold onto one another as tightly as humanly possible. Traumatized by all the days that came before this one when the Vietnam war was still on. Now just about three months after the wars end, we still run, hide and cuddle together whenever we hear jets flying overhead. Still today, we can’t shake the fear of plane’s overhead as the constant threat of war plagues our future and that of our children.

In Formation Overhead (Saturday, July 26, 1975)© – A Day In the Life of Me

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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