The Return of the Missing Mother©

Slowly, you slip down. There are no walls here. There are no windows. Your voice travels to nowhere but still echoes back talking at you.  There’s plenty of time to be fearful, dream, and wish you were anywhere but stuck in the broken down and abandoned wishing well. You scream out for help, but your voice seems to have become a Halloween attraction. You don’t understand why you hear people running from the sound of your voice instead of to your voice to save you.

So deep down with nothing on the ground, you can’t find anything to toss up out into the open. In desperation, you once again dig your nails and toes into the cold, slippery rock before you. The pain is almost unbearable, but your desperation some how pushes you forward. Your heart races faster than ever before. Covered in wet, mushy earth you slowly emerge from the well opening. Onlookers scream even louder than any time before, with the exception of a curious 7 year old boy, who extends his hand asking if you are ok. Dumbfounded, you wipe the sweat mixed with tears from your face. The young boy sees before him his mother who went missing three days before while walking their dog. The boy not caring about the dirt covering his mother, lunges into her open arms as tears roll down both of her cheeks.

The young boys father returned to the spot he last remembered seeing him. Amazed to have found his son, he starts running towards him tripping over his steps yelling after him to step away from the dirty creature he saw him embracing, until he got close enough that he too realized that the creature he saw before him was his wife he thought might be dead. The father throws himself into the existing embrace locking father, son and mother together as one.

The trio stand wrapped together for a few more minutes until finally they head to their car to head home where they call the police to tell them who they found at the broken down and abandoned wishing well on Halloween 🎃 night.

Thinking that their nightmare is over, they each find comfort in a shower, change into their pajamas and promise to deal with the police in the morning. Everyone assumes that sleep will come easily that night with everyone in their beds and the lights down low, the house falls silent, or so they think.

The clock strikes midnight and a bloodcurdling scream is heard throughout the house. The husband reaches for his wife only to realize that she has once again gone missing  from his side. Worried about their son, the father immediately runs down the hall to find him. Upon entering his room he finds his son covered in some sort of grey sappy cob web of sorts. His son has been mummified and is locked up in the cob web.

Hanging overhead was a large spider like creature which he had never seen the likes of before. It squealed such a horrible squeal as if a limb was being severed.  He wanted to get closer to see what was happening. As he looked into the eyes of the creature, he saw the softness that he’s seen so many times before in his wife’s eyes. He doesn’t want to believe that somehow this spider like creature could be the woman he married eight years ago and share a seven year old son with. Before he even has time to think of what to do, he is whisked up in the air, twirled round and round with the sappy like consistency quickly mummifying him. He can no longer, talk, think, see, feel or breathe. An hour passes and out two more spider like creatures join their queen.

In the still of the night they scurry like thieves in the night back to the old broken down abandoned well that their queen had climbed out of.

9 am in the morning the police stood ringing the doorbell of the Kramer’s house. When there was no answer they began knocking and the door slowly crept open. The two officers cautiously entered the house. Each step was full of sappy like webbing. They checked each room finding nothing until they reach what used to be the young boys room. In his room they found three empty shells that appeared to have been that of a mummified person. They could only imagine what had emerged. It would now be up to the forensics team to try and piece together just what happened to the return of the missing mother and her family.

The Return of the Missing Mother©

Copyright 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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