Fields of Glory©

Strong arm holding your elbow to chin on the old wood carved farm table, you sit in the old rocking chair starring out at the waving cornfield. The sky is full of cotton puff clouds. The air is filled with the smell of berries and a hint of the beckoning Fall that lies ahead. Your thoughts drift towards childhood memories riding horses with your sweetheart in the early morning hours before having to tend to the animals. Those stolen moments before the days crazy schedule would begin. You wonder how you were ever so lucky to hold onto her after all the years of farming. She comes riding towards you on her horse named glory with her captivating smile that translates to her love for you and the home you built together. Not too far behind her is your son, his wife and their two sons. You sit proud knowing that your name and the place you call home will carry on for years to come. All those early mornings that turned into late nights were worth the struggle because there was nothing you needed. All you ever wanted was in front of you.

Strong arms holding a great daughter as you sit at the old wood carved farm table rocking in the old rocking chair. May the peace and joy that has found you never leave you.

Fields of Glory©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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