Live Canvas Made from the Earth’s Trash©

Everything I’ve found around and about on the earths floors or its walls becomes another small piece to add to my live canvas. The canvas tells a story of what we have, use and discard without thought or care about where it might end up. If I were not the one to retrieve it, your drain might be clogged, or his lawn would be littered. Old prescriptions would be mixed in your drinking water.

Your trash becomes the base color my canvas needs, it’s the lift that makes it pop. It tells a story my words just can’t tell.

Your trash gets broken down, smoothed out, painted, glued or pinned to my canvas. It becomes something from nothing that you can’t turn your eyes away from.

I invite you to get lost in a collection on live canvas made from the earth’s trash.

Live Canvas Made from the Earth’s Trash©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was written for Paul Theriault who is the Newsletter Writer/Co-Curator Stairwell Gallery ( I was visiting my friend Jonathan Sandler of Village Vinyl & Hi-Fi at 307 Harvard Street in Brookline MA, when I saw several pieces of breathtaking art, including but not limited to a piece entitled “Tide” by Paul Theriault which inspired the aforementioned poem.

I am uncertain as to how much if any of Paul’s art is made from recycled product. This poem is based on my version of what I see when I viewed it.

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