No school uniform. You are who you want to be and do what you want to do until someone tells you differently. Your hair is too long, then its too short. You wonder what does it matter when you just need your brains to think? No chewing. No sagging pants. No belly buttons showing. Why is someone always giving everyone else the once over? Schools out, adult life begins. Working hard to put food on the table, paying all the bills. Wishing we liked our jobs. Wishing there were more hours in every day. Wishing just wishing, life was a little bit easier but knowing not every wish is meant to come true. Knowing that life wasn’t meant to be easy. If you don’t put something into every day then what are you really getting back? Every day is a gift. Every beginning and every end comes from a gathering of your choices and those that were made for you. You are equally responsible for everything that happens or doesn’t happen. Take stalk in your future. Strive for something better, maybe something different than you had planned for. Be prepared for every moment that comes your way, as nothing especially time is guaranteed.


Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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