Cancer Steals the Life of Valerie Harper©

Born in the 60’s raised on shows like the ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ and ‘Rhoda’ I sometimes find myself longing for those moments of carefree living again. Life as we now know it, is so fast paced no time to relax. The good news is, Women have found their place in the world, still fighting for equal pay, but certainly holding strong in their position among men. With this being said, it was so hard to hear that Valerie Harper, Star Of ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ And ‘Rhoda,’ is Dead At 80.

Valerie Harper and Mary Tyler Moore definitely helped spread the message about women and their right to stand on their own and be strong. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, some fights just can’t be won. Valerie Harper was so full of life. She lived life for everyone else, even when cancer consumed her. She fought back hard. But cancer was stronger.

Cancer Steals the Life of Valerie Harper©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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