Days End

Feet dragging, mind spinning, head swelling, body begging for a rest. Front door opens, kick off shoes, drop bags. head to the bathroom to rinse off face. Eyes scan the living room. Items scattered about, put everything in its place. Open the fridge, pull out dinner supplies. Prepare dinner, tell family it’s dinner time. Family races to the table. They fight for the first words about their day. Three drama filled stories fill my ears, head swelling, mind spinning boddy begging for a rest as I think for something to say, but answers are not forthcoming, so family quickly disperses after clearing their plates. Clean the kitchen, time to shower and wash away the day. In pajamas, body slams gratefully on the bed. Husbands lips upon mine, arms wrapped gently around me, whispering “I love you” in my ear as he leans back upon his pillows, we watch mindless tv until his eyes close. Head swelling, mind spinning, body begging for sleep, head upon pillow wondering what tomorrow may bring.  Eyes close. Silence, dreams full of hope and wonder swim about my head. Officially now the day has ended as sleep has suddenly found me.

Days End©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson


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