The day begins with a rising sun. A robust stretch. A cup of hot coffee or tea and a hug from loved ones. The front door opens, there’s a whiff of fresh clean air. Now on the train, the ride suddenly gets complicated. The first train is over crowded. No more passengers allowed to board. The second train is suffering electrical problems. The third train is running express stopping three stops past my own. The voice over the loudspeaker says, “There’s been a computer malfunction busses will be replacing train service for the rest of the day.” Finally arriving to work two hours late, to a sign on the door stating closure for the day due to a flooding and a power outage. Dreading the potential busing nightmare the hour and a half walk in front of me seems quicker and more welcoming. But street closures due to road work doubles my trip. The sight of my front door ahead of me, never felt so good, until the realization hits me that my purse is missing. I can’t even get in my front door. Thank goodness for the basement window I just fit through. My only solace once I fall into my favorite chair is the two hours left of silence before my family all walk through the front door. I can only ask, “Why must life be so complicated?” Some days definitely need a reset button.


Copyright 2015, 2019

by Felina Silver Robinson

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