My Fight for Inner Happiness©

Struggling to be happy with my skin, it’s color and texture. I feel the glances of wonder, disgust and contempt upon me. Some may show pitty and see its natural beauty.

My body is shapely, I’m not as tall as I would like to be, so again the eyes are upon me judging me not understanding my struggles. Not knowing that I’ve birthed six children and miscarried six. My health causes such an imbalance that I fight to keep up with it.

My gym routine has become a daily competition with myself to see if I can do better. We can always do better I say to myself every time I pass my last score. As I lean against the outside wall of the gym waiting for my husband to retrieve me, I wonder who, if anyone has noticed the twelve and a half pounds now missing since the gym became my newest friend.

Somewhere inside I know it doesn’t really matter what others think or believe about me. I truly believe if we’re happy with ourselves, then we can help others find a way to acceptance of who an what we are.

My Fight for Inner Happiness©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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