Leaving You Behind©

Your eyes are upon me. I feel all the loose hairs about my body stand tall in fear of your presence, but ready to help me fight you should I have to. Your charm is so hard to resist, but the reminder floating in my head of who and what you are give me the strength to resist you. You however, are persistently aggressive and determined to get your way. My eyes scan the room looking for an exit, with none in sight, I thrust myself into the crowd hoping to lose you. Luck was finally on my side as I spot an old friend. He suggests we go elsewhere, we depart leaving you and your narcissistic egotistical self behind. The hairs about my body relax and I slowly forget about you for awhile hoping that the presence of another man holding my hand will burn some sense into your thick skull 💀.

Leaving You Behind©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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