A Place To Call Home

Waiting at the gate of the place millions hope to call home some day. Some are allowed entrance while others are turned away or held for further consideration. Unbeknownst to the newcomers, there may be more in their way to their road of happiness. Today’s world is filled with those out to harm others because their own hopes and dreams have been shattered. Innocent bystanders in the path of those filled with displaced rage don’t see or know what might be headed their way.

Under the disguise as a hopeful citizen hides a terrorist waiting for their moment. A time least expected by their target so there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Just when we find comfort, then it happens. Safety and security has been taken away. An explosion, shots fired, random stabbings, orderless gasses, powdery substances or cars or trucks plowing into crowds of unknowing victims, take your pick. No matter how it happens, the devastation is all the same.

This betrayal from those posing as a potential new citizen tarnish the promise and hope for others who truly desire entry. Our walls are up and some of us believe that if one is bad they are all bad. This of course, is not fair. The only one responsible for a bad act is the one committing it.

There is still hope for those waiting at the gate for entry to a place they hope to call home. Stay strong, believe and never let someone else’s ignorance become your own. Be true to yourself and what you stand for and you will find your place to call home.

A Place To Call Home©

Copyright 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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