My National Siblings Day©

I woke up this morning missing my brother who use to play tricks on me by hiding anything he knew was important to me. When it snowed outside he made sure to tackle me as many times as he could in the deepest pile of snow he could find. He was a caring man who would take on the responsibility of others when he knew they just didn’t have it in them to be responsible.

I woke up this morning missing my oldest sister who I can’t say I know well. We didn’t live with one another much as she was raised by my grandmother who lived at least 555 miles away. Now Facebook friends we get to chat here and there about this and that but my heart aches for the unknown of what could have been or what might still get to occur between us.

I woke up this morning missing my Irish twin. We use to be as thick as thieves but now just over 400 miles separate us. We both have suffered so much but she’s left in a pool of the past playing tug of war with pain and hate. She try’s hard to survive in s place that targets those who may be weaker than themselves. My one wish for her is to find s piece from within that can carry her to a happiness that she may have thought she would never see again. I hope that her happiness has me somewhere in between.

I woke up this morning missing my youngest sister who lives the closest to me of all, but still over 130 miles away. I see here more now than back in the day. After my children came and she went off to college, living life just got in the way. Our younger years when wonder years and 21 Jump Street were the things to watch is what I miss most of all. We danced wildly to whatever songs poured out from the radio. Those days are gone but remain golden. Now both of us parents, not much time of our own, bumping into each other at mom and dads watching our mom who use to be out and about, shopping for her baking, making everyone else happy. That’s who she was, now she lays with a smile without a care in the world, remembering less and less each day, but still willing and able to laugh at almost anything. Her legs may no longer carry her and her hands may no longer bake you a cake, but her smile and her giggle will warm your heart leaving you longing for a time long ago. Dad still runs about making all ends meet and making everyone happy as much as his two feet and Volvo will carry him. His yellow truck has been retired and he now cares for his partner in crime who’s cared for him for 53 years and counting.

I woke up this morning missing the care free me that use to be out and about from here to there. Now trapped in legs that barely carry me as I watch passerby’s be as care free as I use to be. But I’m grateful for the time that I know I will once again be a happy go lucky me. My legs will again carry me from here to there.

I woke this morning grateful for for my siblings both here and there. My heart ❤️ will always have a place with them in it.

My National Siblings Day©

Copyright© 2019

By Felina Silver Robinson

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