The Voice of Autism: Mean Girls©

This morning I woke up

As happy as could be

There was nothing I had to do

Only things I wanted to do

I’m now past the thought of what was said to me on

My last day of school

Some friends, well people I thought were my friends said to me

We’re not really your friends you know

And we don’t really like you either

You’re to weird for us

We’ll see you around

But we won’t be likely to say hi

Don’t waste your time thinking about us

Because we sure won’t be thinking about you

Unless we need a good laugh or two

Try not to fall flat on your keester

Because we’re such mean girls

We’d just have to respond by laughing when you’re down

And we can assure you we won’t be their with our hand out to help you up

So you should start scouting for some new friends

Friends that won’t use you or abuse you

Sorry we couldn’t be there this time around

Maybe you’ll get lucky

Now that we’ve parted ways

People will see you just the way you are

We’re certain that almost anyone is nicer than we are

We’re just a bunch of mean girls

and you’re just too nice for your own good

So, see you, wouldn’t want to be you

Mean Girls©

©Copyright 2014, 2017

By Felina Silver Robinson

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