The Politically Victimized Victim©

I am disgusted by the words of all of those individuals who thought and still think that Brett Kavanaugh is completely innocent and that the current wave of concern for Christine Blasey Ford, and more recently for Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnik is just a “political smear campaign orchestrated by the Democrats”.  I’m more than tired of that very phrase every time people experience something in the political arena that they don’t like. If our political system required that anyone seeking employment for a state or government job for a job where they are in any way responsible for the lives of others, they should have an extensive CORI check and and FBI investigation if they are seeking a job as a senator, congressman, governor, DA, Assistant DA, Judge or higher, they need to have an FBI investigation done. We can’t continue to find ourselves in this position with woman after woman stepping forward every time key personnel attempt to get into office. I don’t say this against the women, I say it in support of them. No victim, regardless of sexual orientation, should have to name their abuser in the public arena only to be labeled a liar or opportunist.

I would suggest that anyone who thinks that Christine Blasey Ford is a liar think about the fact that Kavanaugh himself stated that he was a mean drunk, that is a behavior that doesn’t just go away because of a change in one’s job. I’m not saying that people can’t change because I truly believe in change, but alcohol has a special hold on people, especially those who have a temper partnered with sexist behavior. This makes for an a tumultuous relationship without reason.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh has the advantage of not having to share key details unlike the three women accusing him. Moreover, the investigation was concluded within such a short timespan not allowing for a necessary more extensive look into Kavanaugh’s past with other women outside of his accusers.

Now the Senate votes 51-49 to advance Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, with Saturday’s vote being the only chance for hope that the vote doesn’t pass.

It has to be known that no one can just apologize away inappropriate behavior whether it be due to questions you don’t like or want to answer because you had one too many. There is always someone else that will have to pay in one way or another for your behavior which most likely won’t be healed by insincere words forced at the suggestion of another. Salt hits the wound when a female sides with the excused male and votes to support him. Need I say more.

There are man of you who won’t agree with me. I wrote this for those of you that will agree with me, but more importantly for the victims who have suffered through the pain of not being believed once they worked up the courage to come forward. I am a victim, but I was never brave enough to comforward. Although change is what is preached, change appears to be selective.

The Politically Victimized Victim©

by Felina Silver Robinson


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