What We Can Do?© – Felina’s Thought of the Day (08/11/18)

Some can draw a crowd. Others don’t wish to. Some have no personal message for anyone, just beliefs that they follow. Some like to dictate while not practicing what they preach.  Common sense tells us we know it’s it’s better if we follow our own heart and do what we believe in. We do our best work when we do something we love. We have the best relationships when we love with our whole heart. We shouldn’t give love unless we’re willing to receive love. We shouldn’t make promises we can’t keep knowing that in the end we will hurt ourselves more than the one we broke the promise too. Life is full of choices, we can only hope that we will think long and hard before we do something we can’t take back. Life is about choice and knowing how to make the right ones. We can’t blame anyone for our mistakes. We have to hold ourselves up while being accountable for our actions. Then we can hold the hand of someone who needs us. We can once again wish for a better tomorrow, but unless we are instrumental in making sure it happens, then the change may never come.

What We Can Do?© – Felina’s Thought of the Day

Copyright 2018

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